Vascular Laser (Vbeam)

The vascular laser treats redness in the skin due to a variety of conditions, such as rosacea, angiomas, and capillary malformations or birthmarks, and warts. The laser targets red blood cells which in turn damages the vessels and causes them to breakdown and be reabsorbed by the body. Patients may have redness for a few hours up to a few days if bruising occurs.  Treatments are usually 4-8 weeks apart and one or more treatments may be necessary depending on the condition being treated.

Vascular Laser (VBeam)

Rosacea & Telangiectasias

Per Treatment

Single Area


Full Face


Cheeks (medial) & Nose


Cheeks (Full) & Nose






Cherry Angiomas

Per Treatment

1 Lesion


2 – 4 Lesions


5 – 10 Lesions


Over 10 Lesions



$250 and up